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It is understandable how you all must be feeling now. I hope everyone is in the pink of health amid these tough times. It is essential to take care of yourself and be safe. Please do wear a mask if you see yourself stepping out of your house.

The virus has taken a deadly toll on our lives. Considering the present scenario, I would like to ask you all whether we’re going to start leading lives the same way, or are things going to change? What are we going to do in the times ahead? Will COVID-19 leave us with a lesson?

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Have any of you given a thought to the above questions? Well, a few of you might have. Don’t worry though, I have answers.

We certainly don’t want a glimpse of this in the future again but we must be well prepared if and ever this happens again. Once we come out of this, things will get slow at first, although gradually, we will witness ourselves in the neverending rat race again. When do we not?

For many, their lives will not be the same again. For those who lost their loved ones, for daily wage laborers across the world (especially in India they are the most vulnerable of all people), small businesses, some IT professionals, companies and teachers to an extent, and so on. At this point, doctors and health care workers across the globe should be paid the most by the respective governments of each country. They are working day and night to ensure our safety. I am grateful to them for devoting their lives to save ours.

Well, it is difficult to anticipate what we are going to do in the times ahead. Human nature is dynamic. We can never predict how we’ll deal with situations after we emerge out of the pandemic.

What I learned from the pandemic was that in the long run, we will have to tackle a global crisis affecting every country, and the most important one is that our consumption of animals is leading to a deadly path. This isn’t the only lesson that I learned. Our aim at protecting the environment is also at stake! I am not a pro-vegan and I’m not trying to dispirit anyone from eating meat. I’m trying to convey the point that, we can undeniably reduce our consumption. Being a hardcore non-vegetarian, I have; and I must tell you, surprisingly I do feel better. To relate to the consumption of non-vegetarian food, I’d like to point out the fact that COVID-19 spread from the “wet market” in Wuhan, China worldwide in only a few months. The virus not only affected human lives but also the economy, politics, and our social life at a global level. Who would have ever thought that a virus invisible to the human eye could lock us at home?

I am hopeful that we will come out of this soon. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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