Who knew that a five-letter word could evoke a plethora of emotions, take you through a possible roller-coaster ride, but keep you alive at the same time? Death.

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Many believe death is the beginning of the life of a new organism. Some others believe, once gone, never come back. For me, this death was a major one. Most adolescents face it in their life. However, they go on to date, relationships, or they do/ do not confess and…

An exclusive interview with two of the best bibliotherapist’s

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“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” — Jhumpa Lahiri

Bibliotherapy, also called book therapy, is a creative arts therapy modality that involves storytelling or reading books as healing. Samuel McChord Crothers coined the term ‘bibliotherapy’ in August 1916. It comes from the Greek…

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Looking back at a few moments of engaging in social work. From donating my hair to conversing with enthusiastic youngsters.

2020 has come to an end! That’s crazy! But I’m not going to say things like, “ I know how hard last year had been for everyone amidst a pandemic, it was the worst year, the entire year was a waste for everyone” etc. …

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I am doing these, and they are helping me emerge to be a better person

This might sound like another cliché article that you come across on the internet. I’ll stop you right there. This article comes from first-hand, personal experience and I’m sure you’ll see yourself unfolding into a new path.

Why practice and not habit?

Habit is something that you do regularly. It’s not voluntary. You do it…

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